What’s it like to work at netbina?

Let’s start off by saying what it’s not:
It’s almost never quiet.
It’s never boring, we hope!
No two days are the same!
You never seem to have enough time
You can’t take yourself too seriously
It’s not for the big headed

So what is it like?
It can be manic at times
It can be very fun
It can be very stressful
It can be very noisy
It can be frustrating and exhilarating!
You will feel the energy!

So if you …
enjoy working in a dynamic environment,
want to experience the new and learn,
are willing to challenge yourself
are willing to do things in a new way
are a work hard play hard kind of person
Then netbina may be the place for you …


Account manager


Project contoroller


Full stack web developer