A creative agency with a global outlook

Hello, and welcome to Netbina! We aim to inspire society with creative content communicated innovatively. We work with marketing and brand managers who wish to engage their audience and create positive change. Our staff have global sensibilities, and international brands trust us with their communication strategy and content.

Created as a digital agency, evolved into a 360

Founded in 2006, we were the first primary digital advertising agency in Iran. Over the years we have grown to carry out offline activations, market research, media monitoring and are a leading provider of immersive experiences and interactive installations.

Ethos and values


Netbina prides itself on honesty and transparency in its dealings with clients, suppliers, and staff.

Sustainability and environment

We are committed to helping to improve the environment and encourage sustainable living in Iran, both internally and via our external advertising campaigns.

Equal opportunity

Netbina does not tolerate discriminatory practices based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. We proactively encourage and welcome new team members from diverse backgrounds. Our senior management positions are equally filled between men and women.

Passion and friendship

We have a very supportive but professionally challenging atmosphere in Netbina, and this reflects itself in the passion we have for our clients.

Operational setup

Netbina operates three companies in London, Tehran and Dubai. This allows us to be highly agile and efficient in procurement, access to training, importing equipment and tech, and smooth financial arrangements.

Senior management

Our experienced management team have worked on hundreds of campaigns and developed a sixth sense for taking a project from concept to successful execution in Iran.