Netbina invites gamers to embark on a new Samsung Gaming adventure

Netbina invites gamers to embark on a new Samsung Gaming adventure

Samsung’s new gaming campaign, “Gaming Maniac,” invites gamers to a memorable gaming experience with exciting challenges, contests, and prizes.

We launched the campaign in late November and posted three teaser videos to introduce the campaign. We’ve aimed to attract gamers and engage them in an absorbing and thrilling experience as well as communicate Samsung features in an innovative way.

“Samsung recognizes and supports the expanding community of gamers. This is the core message that we are trying to communicate to the audience with this campaign. We want them to see how Samsung supports them and wants to enhance the quality of their gaming experience with its products. We have designed many exciting challenges accompanied by striking visual work, and we are eager to share them with the audience.”
Alireza Arabi, Netbina Creative Team

The campaign will go on for four weeks, and each week will be dedicated to a specific game genre. The four game genres are shooter, racing, sport, and platform. In each of these, we introduce Samsung features integrated into the genre and emphasize the importance of different features for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. For the fourth genre, platform, we are working together with a talented Iranian developer team, the creators of the game “Shadow Blade.”

Each week’s challenges are introduced on Samsung Iran’s Instagram page, and Samsung’s audience can take part in the challenges by sharing video content on Instagram. There will be a winner at the end of each week and a fifth winner at the end of the four weeks.

We have also invited Instagram Influencers to join us in this campaign and to help us connect gamers and Samsung.

To find out more about the “Samsung Gaming Maniac” Campaign, please contact

Mohsen Mozafari