Three teenagers in three different settings interacting with a Samsung smartphone with 2D fantasy elements on the picture

How to combine visual production techniques to steal the show on Instagram

Netbina’s latest productions for Samsung Mobile Iran’s Instagram page received exceptional attention from Samsung’s audience. The three posts in the series featuring young Generation Z members interacting with Samsung smartphones had something in common. They were essentially different from posts you see on your Instagram feed. How did the creative team make the posts stand out?

Imagine your typical Instagram screen time. You fire up the app, start scrolling, maybe give out some likes and a few comments if you’re feeling especially generous, and scroll some more. But there are a few posts that catch your eye – those you won’t scroll past. There’s something refreshing and appealing about them. They don’t follow trends – they set them.

Samsung’s latest Gen Z photos were such posts. Crafted with dazzling artistry and backed by sharp marketing insight, the posts were intended to stop the audience from simply scrolling past – and they did.

Farzan from Netbina’s production team elaborates on the concept:

“One of the subtle challenges in photographing smartphones is that you either see the model holding the phone without the phone screen being visible or the phone screen without the model’s face – but not both at the same time.”

This imposes some limits on how we can represent the phone’s features and feel. That’s why we generally need to leverage all possible visual elements (setting, costumes, and decor) to compensate.

For these posts, however, we combined three production techniques to overcome the limitations. We used model and product photography, created a 3D environment, and added a touch of 2D fantasy elements. This combination allowed those involved in the production to give free rein to their creativity and produce extraordinary results.”

Samsung Mobile Iran’s recent post series received outstanding attention with way above average performance metrics, proving to be inspirational marketing art.

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