A family of four (mother, father, daughter, and grandmother are seated around a traditional Yalda table with pomegranates, watermelon, and sweets

Netbina celebrates Yalda with a fresh take on a familiar story

“Yalda”, an Iranian festival celebrating the longest night of the year, is an ever-living tale of togetherness for Iranians; a tale that can be revisited again and again in novel ways. This year, too, Netbina celebrated Yalda and retold this ancient story for each brand from a fresh perspective.

Yalda has a unique story, and in telling it, Netbina’s creative team aimed to both preserve its originality and add a touch of novelty. In planning and producing the content for this occasion, the Netbina team combined familiar motifs and elements with fresh ideas capturing the spirit of the special night.

“What counts is taking an inherently repetitive story or ritual and turning it into something that feels entirely new. The ritual is repeating itself but you aren’t. You have a fresh take every time”, explains Neda from Netbina’s creative team.

At its heart, Yalda is all about celebrating togetherness. From Samsung’s “One More Minute Together” video and Zar Macaron’s appetizing Yalda dinner table to stargazing with Nesquik and Nescafe, Netbina brought audiences on board for a memorable celebration. 

Special occasions like Yalda are a great chance for brands to get closer to their audience, and Netbina’s team created refreshing content to make sure its clients would make the most of this unique night.

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Alma Nasiri