Soheil Aarabi talks Renault Iran and Netbina

Soheil Aarabi talks Renault Iran and Netbina

Looking back on Netbina’s 2018 #NewWay campaign for Renault Iran, Soheil Aarabi, Product Owner CRO at Groupe Renault, is discussing the reasons for the campaign’s exceptional success, featured as one of the most powerful initiatives of Groupe Renault worldwide in 2018.

“Today I would like to share with you one of the successful experiences that we had in Renault Iran (Renault Pars) which was selected and published in Renault global Brand Activation-Marketing Magazine.”

Soheil Aarabi,

Two years have passed since Netbina ran #NewWay for Renault, and to this day it remains an unforgettable experience for us all. #NewWay left an impact beyond our imagination. It dispelled frustration, spread joy, and transformed attitudes. In the same year, #NewWay was featured in Groupe Renault’s “Brand Experiences” as a powerful initiative that managed to help bring the brand to life and highlight its priorities.

“In January 2018, Renault Iran started a campaign named #NewWay with the goal of changing people’s driving habits in traffic. Renault’s goal was to create smiles on people’s faces by awakening the “Passion for Life” to reduce much of the anger, annoyance, aggression, and disputes on the streets. Renault wants to bring love and passion back to the driving culture of Iranians.”

“To enrich the campaign, Ashkan Khatibi, a popular actor/singer in Iran, has been introduced as a campaign ambassador. Following his presence, a number of celebrities have also invited their audiences to join the #NewWay campaign.

As a consequence, national newspapers have written articles on Renault’s social campaign without any push from Renault. The Live program on Iran’s national television has also brought up and discussed the #NewWay campaign, with a huge impact on awareness.

Now Iranians consider Renault a brand with a passion to create happy moments in their daily lives.”

Renault “Brand Experiences” #5
Summer 2018 Edition

Netbina’s #NewWay campaign for Renault achieved an incredible reach digitally and also offline via earned media.
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