A Samsung TV monitor on which a yogi is doing a handstand

Samsung weaves home appliances into a story you can’t forget

In Samsung’s new Instagram campaign, “Wheels of Life” or “چرخ زندگی” in Persian, Netbina is using a memorable slogan and visual acrobatics to inspire the audience to picture a better life for themselves, and to make the wheels turn in whole new, exciting directions.

Netbina’s latest digital campaign for Samsung is all about creating a memorable story for Samsung’s home appliances. Using a catchy slogan that roughly translates to “Turn the wheels of life in your favor”, Netbina’s creative team is communicating unique product features which can help make the audience’s life easier and more enjoyable.

The campaign’s videos aim to create a lasting impression in line with the campaign’s core concept.

“In ‘Wheels of Life’, we’re trying to communicate product features through a story around the core concept of what the products can do for you”, says Hengameh from the Activation team, “The idea is that these appliances can make life go just a touch smoother. And we get to see the products from a whole different angle, both figuratively and literally.”

The campaign started on December 7th and went on for four weeks with four videos introducing the product features using a fresh and distinct style.

To find out more about this campaign, please contact us at media@netbina.com. To read more about campaigns run by Netbina, please check out our blog.


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