Renault Iran introduces monthly Instagram contests

Renault Iran introduces monthly Instagram contests

Renault Iran’s Instagram page is a place for all fans to learn about the latest news and developments from Groupe Renault. Starting from April, the page now features monthly contests designed by Netbina to engage the followers on a deeper level.

The contests all relate to Renault in one way or the other, but they go well beyond branding. In one post, the Renault logos are concealed artfully within a larger design, waiting to be discovered and in another, old Renault cars pop up, piquing the curiosity of all viewers. Yet Renault and its products hardly need an introduction. Reza Yazdani, creative executive at Netbina explains what the contests are about:

“Renault Iran’s Instagram page isn’t just about putting Renault’s latest products on display, since the audience already knows a great deal about them. What we’re trying to do instead is maintain a close relationship with Renault’s audience. This is the basis on which we are developing our communication strategy and the contest posts are part of it. We’re keeping the audience engaged and spicing things up a little bit.”

We have received great feedback from Renault’s fans so far. The audience love to have a little fun, and this is what helps Renault keep a close relationship with them in the long run.

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