A shot from Samsung Iran's "We're Together" video

Samsung transforms ordinary moments into a powerful message of hope

This November, Netbina crafted and delivered a powerful message of hope to Samsung’s audience: a video created from small fragments of ordinary moments that added up to something extraordinary. Samsung’s audience sent us the video fragments, and Sajjad Afsharian, a beloved public figure and KOL, did the narration.

The video, titled #درکنارهمیم or “We’ll get through this together” was a 4-minute poetic journey through memories of togetherness, of hope and longing. The narration by Sajjad Afsharian helped bring the images to life. He also helped us reach a larger audience and inspire them to join us on our journey.

We started the campaign with a short video clip narrated by Sajjad Afsharian and invited people to send us more footage for a short film called #درکنارهمیم centered around the concept of hope.

Alireza Arabi, Creative Executive at Netbina explains:

“In a UGC campaign, it’s very important what kind of content you’re asking for. Generally, you need to ask the audience to do something straightforward for best results. If you give them too many options, they might not want to take part.

What we saw with this campaign was different. We saw that if the message is strong enough to engage the audience on a deep emotional level, they’ll join in no matter how complex or unusual the task is.”

We went through thousands of user-generated videos and crafted something that resonated with a vast audience looking for hope during hard times. The final video was shared and viewed tens of thousands of times.

To see more of our work, click here. For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us at media@netbina.com. We’d love to hear from you!


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