Three female influencers dressed in three different colors representing Active's new soap products with 3 aromas

Why visual unity matters on Instagram

If you want to turn visitors into followers on Instagram, having a cohesive profile aesthetic is a key element. Your Instagram page overview is the first thing a visitor sees on your profile, and it’s important to make a good first impression.

That’s what Netbina’s creative team did for Active’s product launch. The team worked together with Active, a household and personal hygiene product manufacturer in Iran, to promote its latest cream soap bars using a visually cohesive strategy.

“As Active’s new product had three main aromas, we used the three-tiled grid layout on Instagram to create a visually appealing vertical design for each of the three aromas”, explains Marzieh, Activation Planner at Netbina, “We also teamed up with influencers to better communicate the aroma and sense of softness for each product.”

Active Soft Instagram Overview

As most of the content we consume online today is purely visual or has at least a visual element attached to it, it’s crucial to plan in advance for aesthetics – especially on Instagram. 

Visual planning makes a great difference. Your Instagram profile acts as the equivalent of your website’s homepage on Instagram, and so it’s a great place to show your brand’s taste and professionalism. Followers like to know what to expect to see on your page and have a sense of unity and cohesion.

To find out more about the Active product launch campaign, please contact To see other campaigns run by Netbina, please see our works page.


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