Renault’s “New Journey”: How we’re using Covid as a chance to get more creative

Renault’s “New Journey”: How we’re using Covid as a chance to get more creative

Renault is launching a new campaign called “New Journey” to celebrate Nowruz, the Iranian new year. The campaign includes a two-week virtual trip around Iran with Renault. The “New Journey” campaign, (or Safar-e No as it is called in Persian, which includes a play on words with the word Renault), is set to begin on March 16th, the Iranian Fire Festival.

Traveling in Nowruz – there hardly exists a more popular pastime among Iranians for the new year holidays. Yet Covid is making travel difficult, if not impossible, – it is certainly not advisable! – and many choose to stay safely at home and find other ways to spend their time. So how can Renault, a pioneer in mobility, connect with its audience in this new context?

This is the question we asked ourselves in Netbina and the answer we came up with was an exciting, refreshing virtual trip around Iran. On this trip, we are taking Renault’s audience along on a trip to wonderful sites, and asking them to share their memories of these places.

“The problem was twofold: Renault’s story is all about mobility, and Nowruz is all about traveling for Iranians. But we couldn’t really work with either one of those concepts because of Covid. So, we had to come up with something new. We had to rethink the concept of travel and create a way to connect Renault and its audience – to communicate Renault’s message in spite of the current situation. “New Journey” is our answer. Our audience goes on a road trip with the Renault 5, with which they have a deep emotional connection from many childhood memories, making for an authentic experience. Authenticity makes it easy for them to relate to this virtual journey.”

Reza Yazdani, Netbina Creative Team

“On second thought, I guess that’s what we’re doing for all our campaigns: There’s a challenge, we get together as a team, brainstorm, and find a solution where others might see none. We have developed the ability to adapt ourselves to different needs and situations, and Covid is not an exception.”

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