Nescafe makes Earth greener on national Arbor Day

Planet Earth with a tree gradually growing on it in three stages

On March 6th, the national Arbor Day in Iran, Netbina teamed up with Nescafe to make Earth a touch greener. Selecting Nescafe Iran’s most loyal followers on Instagram, we planted trees in the name of each to thank them for their support.

Looking after the planet and creating opportunities to contribute to its protection counts more than ever. The campaign team used this occasion to both show appreciation to Nescafe’s loyal followers, and remind us of the significance of trees in our lives.

“Nescafe is an environmentally conscious brand and during our many cooperations, it has always emphasized environmental concerns,” explains Hadith, who was actively involved in the campaign, “That’s why we combined the idea of acknowledging loyal followers with one of Nescafe’s core values to create a wholly green campaign that delights and inspires.”

Protecting the environment is a shared responsibility among us all. The Netbina team hopes to contribute to a brighter future with green, environmentally conscious campaigns.

To learn more, get in touch with us via To see more campaigns run by Netbina, check out our works page.


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