A cup of Nescafé and a road trip with Renault: How we welcomed the Iranian new year

A cup of Nescafé and a road trip with Renault: How we welcomed the Iranian new year

We started the new Iranian year together with our longtime partners, Nescafé, Renault, Samsung, Pril, and Nesquik. We created engaging videos and stop motion animations, and designed exciting posts, stories, and contests for each of these brands to invite their audiences to celebrate the new year with them. The Nowruz posts began on Chaharshanbe Soori, or the Iranian Fire Festival, and went on until Nature’s day, the last day of Nowruz.

We set off on the ‘New Journey’ with Renault on Chaharshanbe Soori, set the Haft-Seen table for the new year together with Pril, held a Nowruz contest for Nesquik, and gave out new year gifts to Nesquik’s fans. We created another Nowruz contest to go with Nescafé’s new year stop motions so we would kick off the new year fresh and full of energy. In a compilation video for Samsung, we looked back on the past year and celebrated the happy moments and the progress we had made. We welcomed Nature’s day at the end of the holidays by looking for inspiring ways to enjoy the special occasion.

The new year has always been a fantastic chance for a fresh start. We tried to reflect this feeling of freshness in all the posts, pictures, and videos.

To find out more about our Nowruz content, kindly contact our media relations office at media@netbina.com.


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