Illustrations of male and female colleagues working side by side

Netbina celebrates Women’s Day in the workplace

International Women’s Day is a great time to stand together with women around us and to strive towards a more equal society. But acknowledging the role of women should be an ongoing, rather than an isolated effort. And that’s especially true in the workplace.

The Netbina team stands for the values of equal treatment and opportunity for all employees. To celebrate this occasion and to use it as a chance to promote these values, Netbina published videos encouraging mutual respect and smarter behavior from men in the workplace.In the first video published on Netbina’s Instagram page, female narrators described workplace scenarios in which they encountered fair and equal treatment from their male colleagues. Celebrating Women’s Day shouldn’t be about one-time gifts and compliments, but rather, a shift in attitude and behavior towards women as equals.

In addition to the video published publicly on Instagram, Netbina produced a video distributed internally. In this video, male Netbina employees each mentioned the positive professional qualities of their female co-workers. Bahram, head of the agency wrote in a message accompanying the video:

“We [men] wanted to thank you. A big thank you to all the women at Netbina whose efforts and determination inspire us all. We’re proud to have you with us and enjoy working and learning together.”

Netbina is proud to have talented women on its team and is determined to promote equal treatment of all employees in a positive and supportive company atmosphere.

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