How Netbina is encouraging appreciation with the new Pril campaign

How Netbina is encouraging appreciation with the new Pril campaign

Pril Iran is kicking off the new month with a new episode of Henkel’s global appreciation campaign. Netbina launched the campaign on January 30th and has quite a few surprises in store for Pril’s audience.

Good brands have a story, and appreciation has always been a part of Pril’s. That’s why Pril is launching a whole new campaign to renew its bond with its audience this February, a campaign designed to recognize and appreciate support and loyalty.

In this campaign, Pril wants to remind its audience how they’re all one big family; that family members stay together, show support, and of course, appreciation. It looks back fondly on the past year, on the many memories and ups and downs of the days gone by.

“We’ve put together a video collage of the past year for Pril, we’ve put a lot of passion into this – it’s quite emotional. But the real surprise comes afterwards when the fans find out what Pril has in store for them.”

Anahita Mehrdoust, Netbina Creative Team

“We’ve done our homework and know what the fans want. They would love to get gifts from Pril, but they would also like to have a chance to give to others, and we came up with a novel way to do this. Fans can be sure to have both their wishes granted this time.”

You can’t preach appreciation and not practice it. Pril is giving out presents to its loyal audience and providing them with an opportunity to show their gratitude to their loved ones. Spreading love and appreciation is something that Pril stands for, and Netbina is glad to be creating campaigns that add such value to people’s lives.

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