Netbina changes social media content strategies to minimize coronavirus infections

Netbina changes social media content strategies to minimize coronavirus infections

Netbina has modified social media planning for all its clients for the following month to minimize group photography, the use of models, film crews and other content production which involves a number of individuals working alongside each other in close proximity.

The month leading to the Iranian new year in March (Nowruz new year holiday) is a very busy month for advertising campaigns in Iran, comparable to the Christmas marketing season in many parts of the world. It is an intensive month for production of content and is usually witness to around the clock activity in production studios.

Netbina has modified its planned social media and advertising output for its clients towards individual content production rather than group production. This means more final output from visual artists, animators and graphic designers rather than photography and film crews.

Since the beginning of this week, the Netbina team of 100+ employees have been working remotely during the coronavirus epidemic to ensure safety of all the employees and clients. iMacs and other vital computer equipment have been sanitized and dispatched to the homes of employees. The cloud based networking of the company allows for remote working and coordination.

More than a week before the announcement of the first Coronavirus case in Iran, Netbina undertook basic safety measures such as providing advice on extra hygiene precautions, distributing latex gloves and disposable masks. On announcement of the first cases of Coronavirus in Iran, Netbina took the temperature of all employees throughout the work day by laser thermometers and sanitized the workplace constantly.

A few days ago, the decision was made to switch to remote working until further notice. In keeping with safety precautions, Netbina will also not be dispensing new year cards or gifts to clients or suppliers this year.

To find out more about Netbina’s response to the Coronavirus, please email media relations


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