Molfix starts a brand new “Happiness Movement” in Iran

Three playful baby images side by side - the babies are wearing diapers and one of them is an astronaut, another one a rock singer, and the other a university graduate

Moflix’s scrapbook is packed with happy memories. Happy moments where Molfix made day-to-day life a touch more enjoyable for parents and for kids. This summer, Netbina teamed up with Molfix to relaunch the brand’s activity in Iran with a brand new Instagram page and a fresh campaign, “A Growth for Happiness”.

“A Growth for Happiness” highlights Molfix’s presence at parents’ side to help them through different stages of their little one’s life. It provides tips to make parenthood easier and more pleasant. The tips start from the first signs of pregnancy to after the baby’s born and is making wonderful discoveries.

To bring Molfix’s previous fans on board, the campaign team started with a bit of reminiscing. In the campaign’s first posts, Molfix looked back at the wonderful memories it had created together with its audience, and gave news of its return. Molfix was back to make heaps more amazing moments!

Netbina’s path ahead with Molfix still has a lot to offer. A path filled with happiness, excitement, growth, and the joy of discovery. A path for parents, and a path for kids, and a growth for happiness.

To learn more about this campaign, feel free to drop us a line at To see more campaigns by Netbina, take a look at our works page.


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