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How to step up your Instagram game with deep focus group insights

The significance of focus groups for in-depth marketing insights is hardly unknown. Focus groups can help brands discover important customer perceptions to guide their future decisions. It’s how focus groups are designed and carried out that makes a difference. As always, a touch of creativity and a keen eye can go a long way.

Netbina Insight’s loyalty focus groups for Pril invited Pril’s most loyal Instagram followers to get together over a cup of coffee and discuss the brand’s Instagram presence and the things the followers loved most (or least) about its digital content.

The group included Pril’s most active followers on Instagram and was specially selected to introduce a new dimension to the focus group sessions. With a touch of ambitious creativity, the insight team wanted to reach valuable insights that could help inform the brand’s future decisions on its Instagram content. 

“Instagram does provide many key indicators to judge your performance by (KPIs),” explains Hossein from the Netbina Insight team, “but what do you do when you want to have a qualitative, and not quantitative, assessment of how your brand’s doing?

What we did for Pril, was invite the followers that had been most active, so that we could arrive at an understanding of what motivated them to like and comment on the content on Instagram. Using these insights, we could then, create content that the audience related most to, leading to an overall improved engagement rate.”

Focus groups can help you find the right future path for your brand. But there’s always room to be more imaginative and get more out of your focus groups sessions. By engaging Pril’s most loyal followers, the Netbina Insight team tried to make focus groups just a touch more magical.

To learn more about Netbina Insight’s services, feel free to drop us a line at insight@netbina.com or check out Netbina Focus Group’s website here.


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