Sunstar's new products in three flavors with party vibes - interactive installations

SunStar Launch: The Power of Interactive Installations

Following Netbina’s successful “Be Your Best” campaign last year for SunStar last year, the Iranian fruit juice and syrup manufacturer came to Netbina for an all-new product launch campaign.

The new products were party drinks in three new flavors, and the campaign team was to communicate the unique party vibes that came with each of them.

The creative team decided on a combination of offline and online strategies, mixing high-quality digital artwork on Instagram with a unique interactive installation experience for customers in the offline work.


Going beyond digital

“SunStar came to us with the new taste, new size, new mood concept for its latest flavors, and we wanted to create a setting through which the new ‘mood’ of the products could be communicated,” explains Anahita from Netbina’s creative team, “While visual content on Instagram does engage the audience, we really wanted to take things to the next level.”

Netbina’s Interactive Installations team set up a projection mapping experience in Rosha shopping mall in Tehran, which enabled passers-by and potential consumers to catch a glimpse of the exciting new world of SunStar’s brand new flavors before entering the mall. 

The structure of the installation resembled a product package and was set up in the parking lot of the complex to highlight the party colors and vibes that the products brought with them.


“We did our best to highlight the sense of freshness in our communication; both in the content, and the medium through which we conveyed SunStar’s message. All of this together created a novel launch experience both for SunStar and its customers”, explains Anahita.

SunStar product samples also contained QR codes that directed the consumer to an online mini-game providing further interaction with the campaign and product.


“Offline” proves worthwhile

Innovative, entertaining, and dynamic, SunStar’s campaign was remarkable because of its resourcefulness in presenting the message. In addition to the digital launch, Netbina created a setting in which SunStar could engage its target market in the offline world.

The interactive video projection in Rosha’s parking lot added value to the launch campaign by simulating the party setting for which the products were intended. Similar to Netbina’s “Be Your Best” campaign for SunStar, the campaign team was able to reflect the originality and innovation that the brand stands for.

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