A content producer seated at the content production zone at Samsung Galaxy S22 PR event working with the new device, being filmed

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Samsung PR Event: Play with magic




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It’s one thing to glance at the latest technological wizardry.

It’s a whole other to get to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo with it up close.

Netbina Studio was the place for the magic to take place.

In the specially set up Experience Zone and Content Production Zone at Netbina Studio, techies and content producers could try out the latest Galaxy S22 series first-hand, on the day after the big reveal.

The launch of Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices, “Galaxy Unpacked 2022” was a big event. But what’s the good of peeking at magic if there’s no chance to play with it?

To kick the Unpacked event up a notch, the Netbina team arranged a PR event following the day after to allow tech experts and enthusiasts to experience the new devices straightaway. Samsung provided the brand new toy, and Netbina, the playground.


A playground for techies

The Galaxy Unpacked event was held at Netbina Studio and fully covered with simultaneous translation and content localization for maximum audience immersion.

Following the launch of Samsung’s latest flagship devices, the S22 series, at Galaxy Unpacked 2022, Samsung wanted to create an environment for tech experts and reviewers in Iran to experience the brand new features first-hand. The Netbina Studio team got to work.

It was important to create an ideal environment to highlight the new series’ key features and provide the necessary settings to test out these features for influencers and content creators. Speed was also key in delivering this experience to the press, so the Netbina team arranged and held the PR event the day following the new series’ reveal. Amir, from Netbina’s team, explains:

“The first hands-on experience with a new smartphone device is a big deal – especially when you get to do it just after the big reveal. We tried to provide a setting for the press and techies to present this unique experience to their audience as best as they can using content that was produced in the event.”


An experience to remember

The event team set up an Experience Zone to highlight Galaxy S22’s key feature, shooting in dim light. Attendees could try out the brand new Samsung flagship in dim-lit settings and see its wonder in action. In addition, a second zone with standard content creation settings was set up to allow tech reviewers to produce quality content for their audience. 

“We had limited time for each production team and this was a challenge that we had to tackle through spot-on planning and providing the necessary tools”, explains Amir, “By creating parallel shooting settings we were able to have heaps of content produced on a single day.”

Netbina’s 2022 PR Event for Samsung was unique in that it provided a singular experience to tech experts and enthusiasts right after the new devices’ reveal.

It’s one thing to glance at the latest technological wizardry, and it’s a whole other to get to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo with it up close. Netbina Studio was the place for the magic to take place.

To learn more about the Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event, check out Netbina’s full report here, or visit our works page to see more campaigns. To get in touch, feel free to contact us at media@netbina.com.

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