Netbina and Nesquik work towards a brighter future with stronger, smarter kids!

Netbina and Nesquik work towards a brighter future with stronger, smarter kids!

Nesquik’s new campaign is all about raising children to be strong, smart adults, and making sure that they’re having fun in the process. Our creative campaign for Nesquik educates parents and caregivers on proper nutrition and physical activity for children. It engages and encourages parents to form a community and share experiences. Growing up should be fun, and it will be with Nesquik!

“Parents want their kids to enjoy their childhood. They want them to be creative, playful, and energetic. Parents want to know how they can best support their children’s physical and mental development. What we’re doing with this campaign is connecting parents and Nesquik. Our communication is simple, personal, and playful, and that’s what makes it work.”

Hengameh Nesari, Netbina Activation Team

We shared many different posts and stories on Nesquik’s Instagram page, running multiple UGC contests with prizes from Nesquik, and sharing exciting recipes using Nesquik drinks. We invited Fatemeh Bostaak, a lifestyle and cooking influencer, and mother of two, to join us in the campaign. She shared a video of herself and her son making a date shake with Nesquik:

“Today, we made a delicious date shake together and used Nesquik’s date shake in our special recipe. Cooking together is a new experience for us both. It’s quite enjoyable to figure out which parts of the recipe each of us will do, and to see the result of our mutual efforts, which is both tasty and extremely nutritious!”

Fatemeh Bostaak, Lifestyle Influencer

The fun isn’t over yet! Nesquik will continue to support parents and remain by their side in raising healthy, happy kids. Let us make childhood as pleasant an experience as possible!

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