Netbina launches Nescafe’s back to university campaign

Netbina launches Nescafe’s back to university campaign

Amid the Covid crisis and the challenges of remote education, Nescafe has launched a new creative campaign in Iran called ‘Back to University.’

The core concept of this emotional campaign, launched by Netbina, is the idea of working together as a team. Bigger goals and a better future are made possible when we all cooperate with each other. Nescafe wanted to remind its consumers that it supports them on the journey to success and togetherness.

The campaign kicked off by sharing an emotional teaser video on the Nescafe Instagram page.

The teaser video shows three Iranian university students, each handling one part of a shared project. It shows how their teamwork results in successfully submitting their project to their professor. A task that would be difficult to complete if done solo, especially when they are all studying from home.

To engage Nescafe Instagram followers, Netbina designed two UGCs with simple yet creative participation rules. The goal was to maximize participation in the UGCs. Both UGCs focused on the importance of teamwork among university students. They emphasized how students can reach new horizons and achieve otherwise impossible goals by working together and supporting one another.

Any successful advertising campaign is crafted by utilizing multiple media channels. Different channels are used in order to boost campaign exposure and increase the number of participants. The Back to University campaign includes a combination of social media channels, UGC, and Influencer marketing.

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Mohsen Mozafari