Stones rolling around in ripples of water and light around them creating a harmonizing and calming effect.

Z Stone’s Zen experience: Innovation with a taste of simplicity

If stones could talk, Z Stone would be that cheeky rock that wanted to sing! The challenge: Transform an ordinary exhibition booth into a haven of tranquility in Tehran stone exhibition’s organized chaos. And not just any tranquility, a Far Eastern-themed sanctuary. Sounds tricky? Well, for Z Stone’s second round with us, tricky was just the spice we were craving.


The call to calm

Imagine, if amidst the hustle and the din, there was a cocoon of calm, with soothing Eastern melodies caressing your ears. That was the mood. But how did we connect that to Z Stone’s fabulous stones? Think Zen, water, and… interactive games?

Welcome to the Zen Table – not just any table, but one that promised an escape. Picture a waist-height, decorative pool-table filled with serene waters. Now, imagine stones – not the static ones, but beautiful, round stone balls, produced by Z Stone, playfully dancing on the water.

As visitors moved the stones, the stones came alive, leaving prints of mesmerizing waves of light, dancing and creating symphonies. The interaction wasn’t just visual; it was auditory. With the auditory feedback, it felt as though the stones were singing back to us, leaving waves of light and ripples of water, echoing the harmony of nature.


Behind the curtain

Let’s delve a bit into the magic-making process. Merging machine vision calibration with generative animation, each stone became an interactive entity. As you danced with them, they responded not just with captivating light but with harmonious sound. The challenge? Tracking the stones, ensuring the emitted waves of light followed each ball’s intricate dance in the water. A deviation from our usual, but a challenge worth every sparkling wave!


The magic moment

What stood out wasn’t just the Zen ambiance or the mesmerizing interaction but the reactions. This wasn’t just a booth; it was a playground for curiosity. People laughed, played, wondered, and left an imprint, not just on the stones, but also in their memories. It wasn’t about watching; it was about experiencing – feeling the stones, connecting with the ripples, and activating that playful, curious child within.

In the midst of chaos, Z Stone’s booth became an island of serene connection. It was a testimony to innovation, an ode to playful curiosity, and a reflection of our core. Our journey with Z Stone was not about just creating a booth; it was about crafting an experience – one that whispered the songs of the East, echoed the laughter of its visitors, and resonated with the beauty of nature. And there you have it, stones that truly rock the Zen vibe! 🎶

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