'Stay in Love' with Samsung

Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to find freshness in the familiar, to come up with creative ways to keep the flame alive, and to make sure you “Stay in Love”.

It’s also a great occasion for brands to come up with refreshing stories to celebrate love together with their audience. That’s what Netbina and Samsung set out to do with an exciting mini-campaign for Valentine’s day.

Samsung’s ‘Stay in Love’ leveraged striking bullet-time visual content to inspire a fresh sense of curiosity around familiar ‘couple’ scenarios.


Marvel at the familiar

The idea behind the campaign was to celebrate Valentine’s day and use novel, outstanding visual content to weave Samsung’s key household appliances into the story.

As these appliances, the QLED, HotBlast, and FSR were already familiar items to its audience, the creative team needed a new take on these elements. At the same time, the campaign needed an original, engaging story to revive the spark on Valentine’s day.


Freezing time

The campaign team decided for bullet-time videos to playfully portray familiar couple scenarios, a visual effect detaching the time and space of the camera, creating a ‘frozen time’ impression. 

The campaign communication would translate flawlessly into these visual effects, showing a moment frozen in time where viewers could reflect on these everyday scenarios. Anooshiravan, director of the project, explains:

“Using bullet-time to produce the content for this campaign was new, both for us and for our client, who was a bit hesitant at first. We looked for the most efficient way to carry out our vision, and eventually found a solution that would both be both high-quality and cost-efficient for our client.

The results were well worth the effort. I think it’s important for brands and creative agencies to explore new avenues. There’s an ever-increasing amount of content on Instagram, and it pays off to create something that stands out; something that catches the audience’s attention because it’s fresh and exciting.”


Outshining the competition

The three videos in the series proved to be highly engaging, reaching a large audience and surpassing both Netbina’s and Samsung’s expectations in terms of performance on Instagram.

Using fresh techniques and finding new stories for familiar products are a big part of keeping your audience interested. Being innovative, both in your relationship and in telling your brand story, is what helps everybody “Stay in Love”.

To learn more about Samsung’s Stay in Love campaign, please contact media@netbina.com. To see more campaigns run by Netbina, check out our works page.

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