3D simulated image of the pril gel container in an isolated red space

Pril New Gel Launch

Last Spring, Pril asked Netbina to run a campaign re-introducing its dishwasher gel to its Iranian audience. After much eager anticipation, the product had once again been made available to Iranian consumers, and it needed a proper re-introduction to its target market.

The campaign would present the product’s key features and show how it could make a difference.


A remarkable return

As Pril’s dishwasher gel was a key product for Pril, the campaign plan and productions needed to reflect this importance in the communication. As Netbina had previously run an influencer campaign for Pril’s dishwasher gel, Pril’s audience was already familiar with the product, and this time, it needed a proper return.

The dishwashing gel had multiple significant properties that needed to be communicated and introduced to the audience as well; properties such as faster action and dissolving capabilities and deep cleaning power.

It was important to Pril that the campaign would be created and run with an emphasis on the product’s functionality and its unique properties, presenting an effective and comprehensive image. As Netbina had previously worked together with influencers to introduce Pril’s dishwasher gel, the campaign team decided on a novel approach involving the same influencers.


Pril to the rescue!

The campaign team employed an integrated approach including cooperation with Instagram influencers and key personalities. The influencers who had been active in the previous dishwasher gel campaign were invited to review and share their experience using Pri’s dishwasher gel, and informed their audience of the product’s return. Hengameh from Netbina’s Activation team explains:

“Working together with the same influencers from a few years back was a unique approach that earned us the audience’s trust. The influencers also shared a post focusing on a key product feature that they personally found helpful and talk about dishwasher tips and tricks. This was a different approach to exploring the product’s functionality.”

A highlight of the campaign was the cooperation with Instagram KOL “superreview”, who shared an in-depth review video of the product inspecting its key properties and plus points. This was key as a technical outlook was very important to Pril.

The campaign team decided to use 3D motions to introduce the dishwasher gel and its properties. All videos included an end shot that presented the product as the ‘hero’; a hero that would save the day and make the dishes shine just a touch brighter. It was important that this unique significance be communicated to the audience visually. Mehdi Atashi from Netbina’s Creative Team explains:

“Many consumers were waiting for Pril’s dishwasher gel to re-enter the market and this happened in Spring 2021. To re-introduce the product, we created 3D motion videos based on the gel’s main properties such as its fast dissolution in water, easier dosage adjustment, and its all-in-one quality overall.

The most striking part of the videos was the 3D end shot that presented the product as a ‘hero’ using the proper angle, placement, and an isolated red space. This end shot was intended to communicate the product’s uniqueness and significance, and our results show that it succeeded to do so.”

In addition to the 3D videos, the Netbina team created a Q&A IGTV video with an expert dishwasher installer and a key Instagram influencer to address consumer consumers about the dishwasher and dishwasher gel.


All-in-one product, all-inclusive campaign

Throughout the campaign, the team worked to address all aspects relevant to the product’s return to the market. Together with Instagram key personalities, the campaign team tried to keep the audience engaged and respond to their concerns.

Pril’s dishwasher gel was a practical product that needed to be properly introduced to its target market. Using effective visual techniques and together with influential personalities, the campaign team worked to achieve this goal and create a well-deserved return for this popular product.

To learn more about Netbina’s campaign, check out our works page here. To get in touch with our team, feel free to contact us at media@netbina.com.

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