A chef influencer sautéing veggies in a red pril apron for the enjoy together campaign

Pril ‘Enjoy Together’

Sometimes, mundane day-to-day tasks can be turned into an occasion to take joy in life and to celebrate togetherness.

For its second Enjoy Together campaign, Pril asked Netbina to expand on the concept of enjoying life together and to create yet another journey of pleasure and togetherness for its audience.


Finding joy in the ordinary

The challenge was to create a story that would accommodate Pril’s message of ‘enjoying life together’ and engage Pril’s audience, bringing joy to their ordinary moments.

The creative team decided to craft the campaign around the concept of enjoying moments in preparation, during, and after meals. Together with a skillful chef, the audience would learn to make cooking time more exciting. They would share photos of their meals together and take joy in moments spent together.

“With ‘Enjoy Together’, we’re encouraging Pril’s audience to rethink how they perform their daily cooking tasks,” explains Anahita from Netbina’s creative team, “What we’re doing is adding an element of fun and freshness to the mundane.”

In order to achieve this impact, the campaign invited a special guest to engage the audience on an entirely new level.


Taking it to the next level

To create a truly memorable experience, Netbina worked together with Hossein Zanjani, an influential chef on Instagram, to try out exciting tricks in the kitchen and create special and memorable moments.

“The presence of a trained cook and likable character is what made all the difference,” emphasizes Maryam from Netbina’s influencer marketing team, “But our influencer strategy didn’t stop there. We invited several other influencers to cook together with our chef in IGTV videos. ‘Enjoy Together’ is a great example of a successful influencer campaign.”

Netbina’s production team made IGTV videos teaching new recipes and invited Pril’s audience to share their moments of cooking and enjoyment.


A memorable ride

Teamed up with a professional chef, Pril showed its audience the endless joys of discovering fresh ways to cook and eat, and much more.

Using a fresh content and influencer marketing strategy, Netbina inspired thousands of people to take part in the campaign, including in a UGC campaign filled with pictures of cooked goodness and delicious get-togethers.

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