Multiple individuals using hand movements on an interactively generated projection wall with different patterns appearing on the walls.

Next level laundry: Immersive product sampling with Persil

In a market oversaturated with repetitive laundry ads, Persil wanted to stand out. They wanted to show off their latest line of laundry detergents, but they wanted their product sampling to be next level. With a mysterious black box in Bagh-e Ketab, we rolled up our sleeves and made it happen ✨


The sampling puzzle

With an appetite for innovation and an understanding of the changed landscape of offline engagement, Persil, our longtime partner in shine, didn’t just want a product sampling. They wanted a fresh approach to product sampling and a unique, engaging experience.

The objective? To stand out in a crowded market and reintroduce their new line of detergents, “Persil Smokey,” with a revamped formula that they were proud of. It was our turn to make them proud 😉

Pouring freshness into sampling

Instead of just handing out samples, we added a sprinkle of smarts and a dash of fun to the mix with interactive installations. The entire experience was designed to be gamified, ensuring the audience not only learned about the product but felt it, interacted with it, and remembered it.

Our location choices, too, were strategic. We first targeted Bagh-e Ketab in Tehran, a hub for families, aligning with Persil’s key audience. As the campaign’s dynamic continued, Niayesh Mall Commercial Complex was our next stop, a haunt for the younger couples, another significant chunk of Persil’s audience.

Netbina xperience and BTL teams got down to work; dedicated to making interactive experiences a reality!


Enter the black box

Nestled in the heart of Bagh-e Ketab and Niayesh Mall was our mysterious black box. It wasn’t just an installation, but a narrative. A room where attendees could embody the characters of dirtying and cleaning agents, offering a hands-on (literally) experience of Persil Smokey’s efficacy.

Using special projectors and Kinect sensors set up to detect participant’s movements, the Netbina xperience team created a virtual textile room full of surprises. People would move around and use their hand gestures as either the villain (staining the virtual walls) or the saviors (using Persil’s magical powers to make it all clean again)!

But our story extended beyond that intriguing box. Outside, passers-by encountered an AR mini-game. A scan of a QR code on a Persil sample, and they were taken on an interactive journey, diving into the world of Persil’s features, scents, and usage. A special bubble machine made the whole cleanliness experience even more tangible and enjoyable.


BTL tactics and smart sampling

This wasn’t random sampling. It was a BTL strategy, carefully thought out. Every individual who interacted was part of our target audience. They filled out surveys, enabling us not only to provide them with a tangible product experience but also to build a future-focused database.

The campaign journey was designed as a progression: from experiencing the product virtually, learning about it, receiving the sample to try, and then a follow-up for genuine feedback.

While the physical sample introduced them to the real-world effectiveness of Persil Smokey, our post-campaign survey made sure we had a comprehensive grasp of their experience. It was storytelling, communication, and marketing woven carefully together 🔮

With 37,000+ game participants and 40,000+ sampled products, what we embarked on with Persil wasn’t just another campaign. It was reimagining the very fabric of product sampling, done through innovation, strategic engagement, and a touch of playful experimentation 😉

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