A boy asleep in his bed with a red nescafe mug in mid-air on the bedside table

Nowruz with Nescafe

Last year, Netbina kicked off the new Iranian year for Nescafe with eye-catching stop motion videos on Instagram. The videos would encapsulate the spirit of Nescafe and its slogan “It all starts with a Nescafe”.


Start it right

Brands want to find original ways to celebrate New Year with their audience. Netbina’s creative team found originality in coupling Nescafe’s slogan with the concept of a great start into the new year.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the new year, Netbina’s creative and production teams pulled out all the stops to make the videos stand out. Shadi Farzane, Creative Executive at Netbina explains the concept:

“The creative concept was to connect the Persian new year with the fresh and powerful start that Nescafe offers. So, there’s a boy who wakes up in his room on a normal day, drinks a cup of Nescafe, and all of a sudden, things are set in motion for the new year. It’s important for brands to build and maintain a strong presence on social media, and creating fresh, engaging content that the local audience can relate to is part of the game.

Stop motion videos are somewhat underrated as a social media marketing tool. They’re an excellent way for injecting new life into your feed, and they’re also a great chance to get witty and adopt a more playful tone if that’s what you’re going for.”

A year to remember

The two episodes were viewed over 100,000 times and proved to be especially engaging, and the first episode was nominated for IAwards4, a prestigious advertising award in Iran.

Nowruz is a new beginning, and Nescafe started the new year with content that felt crisp and refreshing and brought to mind the familiar slogan “It all starts with a Nescafe”.

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