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Netbina Insight Online Survey

Online surveys are quick, inexpensive, and easy to do. But they can also be faulty and misleading. How do you make sure the supposedly 30-45 working mom filling out your survey on cleaning detergents isn’t a quirky teenager somehow landing on your questionnaire, a bot, or someone filling out your form for the fifteenth time?

Netbina was requested by a well-known domestic home care brand to run multiple online surveys on different personal and home care products. The brand requested to survey specific demographics only. It was Netbina’s job to make sure the surveys found the much-needed info by hitting the right target. The Insight team got down to business.


What is Netbina Insight?

Netbina Insight is the research department that delves deep into the market to uncover hidden truths about the advertising universe. The Insight team runs online surveys, holds focus groups, and works lovingly to woo the world of marketing.

More importantly, the Insight team pays close attention to its methodology. To make online surveys work, it was important to precisely target the right demographic.


How does Netbina Insight make online surveys work? 

Because of the agency’s extensive experience in digital activations, Netbina Insight and Netbina Activation have been able to identify online channels and media to target different demographics, e.g., age, sex, city, marital status, and more. The team also has a comprehensive system to keep a check on response authenticity and validity.

Here’s how things work, according to Hossein, Insight expert at Netbina:

  1. Unlike some common types of online surveys which use a fixed respondent panel, we like to keep our respondents fresh. We make use of different promotion channels and media on a rotating basis to ensure we have fresh respondents for every survey we run.
  2. In our quality control process, we exclude irrelevant, repeated, or fake answers using a combo of whitelisting and blacklisting systems to maximize data quality.
  3. We have developed a system to target a range of demographics to deliver quality self-administered surveys and make sure the surveys are efficient, and get us just where we want to be.


What did the brand perception survey reveal?

We collected a total of 1600 data records on 4 different products, including the brand’s laundry detergents. We tried to target mainly women within a wide range of age and geographic characteristics. Our survey results did in fact confirm that 96% of participants were women, spread evenly in different age groups.

We were trying to assess brand health and perception via online surveys about laundry detergent properties. Our results showed that detergent consumers prioritized these properties in the following order:

These data help personal care and home care brands figure out what consumers are looking for when shopping for products, allowing them to offer what consumers need. Navigating the waters of promotion and marketing would be tons simpler if you knew which way to steer your brand into.


Why Netbina Insight?

The Netbina Insight team is eager to uncover whatever marketing wisdom your brand may be after. In a fully packed and competitive marketing world, it pays off to learn what your target audience wants and thinks. Netbina Insight can help you see yourself through the lens of your audience, and make decisions that will keep them, and ultimately, you, happy and smiling.

To learn more about Netbina Insight services, or to send us any requests or questions, feel free to contact us at insight@netbina.com.

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