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As a brand manager or marketing specialist, you may have questions that Instagram KPIs simply can’t answer. You want to delve deeper into the world behind those figures, but all they do is look back at you with a blank stare.

You may need to know how your campaign strategy is working out, or whether your audience has got the message. At times like this, it might be worth the trouble to ask your questions directly via a Follower Perception study.


Got questions? Go right ahead!

Sometimes, we have questions we’re afraid to ask, or don’t know whom to ask. Questions like “what do my followers think about my brand?”, “is my brand message as clear to them as it is to me?”, or “what makes them unfollow a page”?

Netbina Insight offers a simple question. If you need to test your strategy mid-way, or figure out whether your brand message is getting through, you can ask your followers directly to reach deep insights about your Instagram presence.

A Follower Perception survey is a simple set of questions you can share as IG stories to understand how your followers perceive your brand, how effective your communication is, and what you need to tweak.

But understanding follower perception isn’t limited to online surveys. Sometimes, you need to invite your audience over for a friendly focus group to add a qualitative touch to your quantitative findings. Netbina Insight conducts both online follower perception surveys and follower perception focus groups.

Follower Perception in Action!

Netbina’s Insight Team has carried out several follower perception studies for well-known brands. For Netbina Insight’s latest Follower Perception study for Pril, the team explored the followers’ content preference to better plan the brand’s future content. Netbina’s follower perception service for Pril included both online surveys and focus groups for deeper insights.

Although Instagram does offer insight into followers’ content preference on the brand page, this insight is limited. What if you want to choose between different types of content that you haven’t published before? What if you need to know if your followers find a certain concept appealing before investing in a fully-fledged campaign?

A follower perception study can pave the way. It can cut costs and yield more than welcome discoveries. So if you do have something you’d like to ask, don’t shy away from the enterprise! Netbina Insight will help you get into a friendly conversation with your followers and learn just what makes them tick.

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