Nesquik logo, drinks and a father and child playing basketball

Growing up with Nesquik

Nesquik asked Netbina to promote its ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages on Instagram. The main goal was to introduce Nesquik’s products, create a loyal community of fans and expand Nesquik’s follower base.

Nesquik offers a variety of RTD beverages for kids, including one with date syrup which is unique to Nesquik Iran. Our task was to connect these beverages to a larger concept that could attract and engage Nesquik’s target audience.

Chocolate Milk and Children

We wanted to find a common thread to weave a story so that we could build a real community, one that would stay with Nesquik in the long term. We also needed to communicate with our target audience using a personal and playful tone in line with the brand’s personality. Our creative team got together to find the ultimate solution.

“That common thread we found was raising kids to be stronger, smarter, and happier, and doing this with an added element of fun. We know that parents want their kids to have the best childhood possible, both in terms of physical and mental development, and also simple enjoyment. Nesquik offers parents exciting, nutritious drinks for their kids, so it was a perfect match”, says Pouria Baratian, who worked on the project as a creative executive.

“So, for instance, if we were presenting chocolate milk which is already a favorite among kids, we’d share recipes and tips on nutrition, and encourage parents to exchange tips and experiences as a community”, explains Pouria Baratian.


“Growing up with Nesquik is fun” is what the campaign’s Persian name roughly translates to. With our core concept in mind, we designed Nesquik’s campaign and launched it in early November. The elements of fun, creativity, and vitality were highlighted in the campaign.

Moms, Dads, and Date Shakes

Using a simple yet effective communication strategy, we posted content on Instagram over a three-month period. The content consisted of posts, stories, and contests on Nesquik Iran’s Instagram page, as well as posts and stories published by influencers.

“Most of the posts introduced Nesquik’s drinks and were accompanied by creative captions and original artwork from Netbina. The artworks featured elements from Nesquik’s drinks. We also had recipes and contests, the former of which turned out to be the audience’s favorite and showed the highest engagement rate. Overall, we tried to keep it varied and exciting”, says Hengameh Nesari, activation planner at Netbina. “We also worked with lifestyle influencers, mostly moms, but also dads to help spread the word.”

Among the influencers we worked with were Fateme Bostaak, lifestyle and cooking influencer and mother of two, and Ali Bakhtiarvandi, lifestyle influencer and dad who shares content on family life. Fateme Bostaak’s video, in which she prepared a shake recipe using Nesquik’s date milk proved to be a fan favorite, with over 75,000 views.

A Success Story

Nesquik’s campaign proved to be a remarkable success in terms of follower growth with more than 7,000 new followers, but the story did not end there. We managed to build an authentic follower base with whom we plan to maintain a close relationship in future campaigns, and the minimal follower drop suggested that we succeeded in crafting a particularly engaging campaign for our audience and were able to win their loyalty.

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