Gen Z Focus Groups

Generation Z (born 1997-2009) makes up the second-largest population group in Iran. Connected and tech-savvy yet skeptical and individualistic, Gen Z considers brands important and looks for specific characteristics in a brand.

As digital natives, Gen Z spends a great deal of time online. And to connect with them, brands need to understand how they think, how they spend their time, and what drives them.

To get to know the Iranian Gen Z better, the Netbina Insight team held focus group sessions with Gen Z participants. Backed by quantitative data, the focus group findings were published in a comprehensive guide to the mind of the Iranian Gen Z.


Why Gen Z?

Generation Z members are the future buyers – brands’ current or future target market. They want to learn how to strike up a conversation with them, and how to engage them in their digital campaigns.

Although showing similar trends around the world, Generation Z acts differently in various socio-cultural settings. The Netbina Insight team wanted to delve deep into the minds of the Iranian Gen Z.


Why Focus Groups?

Through focus groups, it’s possible to reach deep insights necessary for brands to shape their communication. These insights can help inform future brand decisions, highlight opportunities, and provide ways for brands to align their strategies with target market concerns.


Inside the World of Gen Z

The Insight team invited 32 teenage and young-adult participants aged 13-24 to discuss their lifestyle, likes and hobbies, online behavior and more in four focus group sessions. The goal was to discover how brands’ communication could evolve into something more meaningful for their Gen Z audience.

During these sessions, the Gen Z participants shared their interests and concerns, talked about their favorite platforms and the usual routine of their internet and social media usage, and expressed their content preferences. 

Netbina Insight published the findings of the focus group sessions in a report available on the Netbina Insight website.


Netbina Insight

Netbina Insight is all about understanding how the way the market works, and finding areas for innovation and transformation. Be it focus groups, online surveys, or gathering precise demographic information, Insight experts work to provide a clear and informative image of the market.

To learn more about Netbina’s focus groups, please take a look at our website here. To receive the full “Generation Z Report”, click here.

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