Netbina takes Samsung Members on a trip to the future!

Samsung Galaxy Travelers

Samsung wished to expand its audience on the Samsung Members platform and asked Netbina to create a campaign to do so.

Samsung Members is a growing platform for Galaxy users that offers support and enables members to access the latest news and tips about Samsung products. New members are joining every day, but what Samsung needed was a strong boost in the numbers.

Our vision: A unique trip into the future

We came up with the idea of a campaign with a futuristic setting and multiple challenges. We aimed to engage followers on Samsung’s Instagram page and encourage them to join the platform and participate in the game, as well as promote the campaign on different websites and platforms to find new audiences.

In order to participate in the game and competitions on Instagram, the followers needed to join Samsung Members and become Galaxy Travelers. They could collect points by correctly answering the weekly questions on the platform. They would then qualify for a weekly and a final draw to win prizes from Samsung based on their participation.


Realizing the journey

We launched the campaign in late October 2020 with a teaser story on Instagram. The campaign went on for a total of five weeks, and we worked together with Instagram influencers to introduce and promote the campaign throughout this time.

We posted weekly challenges accompanied by striking visual work from our creative team. The challenges were set on a space station in the future, and participants helped out space adventurers overcome their problems by answering questions. The content generated for the campaign introduced Samsung products as part of the narrative.

We had posts and stories on Instagram to boost participation and a winner at the end of each week chosen at random from among the participants. Our Galaxy Travelers collected points for each question answered correctly, with the accumulation of points allowing for participation in the prize draws.

We used locally popular social media platforms such as Telegram and Aparat to introduce the campaign and promoted it on different websites with display banners.

The vision fulfilled

We had excellent results, with more than 30,000 people joining the campaign and participating in the weekly challenges. The Samsung Members platform saw a record increase of more than 70,000 new installations and sign-ups. We were able to reach a vast audience and significantly contribute to the growth of Samsung’s platform for Galaxy users.

With the audience’s enthusiasm, our team members’ passion, creativity, and excellent execution, we were able to achieve and even surpass Samsung’s desired goal and expectations.

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