Hands holding Neuderm sunscreen against three different backgorunds: desert, forest and mountains

Between the Sun and Me: Full-scale influencer marketing campaign

What would incite consumers to choose one sunscreen over another in a crowded, highly competitive mid-summer market? This is the question we asked ourselves when Neuderm, an Iranian personal care brand, came to us for a winning product launch campaign.

“Between the Sun and Me” was Netbina’s answer; a comprehensive influencer marketing campaign on Instagram introducing Neuderm’s new sunscreens to an Iranian audience eager for authenticity and dependable information.


Storyline: The sun as the adversary or ally?

Our creative team tapped into the product’s emotional potential by working on the theme of the Sun’s dual nature as a source of danger and joy. We developed a credible storyline and created content around this core concept. The campaign’s name “Between the Sun and Me”, or “میان من و آفتاب” in Persian, referred to the protection that Neuderm’s sunscreens offered to turn a potential threat into a source of enjoyment.

Our biggest challenge, however, lay in the fact that we were to promote Neuderm’s products in an overpopulated and competitive market in Iran, and we had to do so in the most efficient way possible, within reasonable budget limits. This is where Instagram influencers came into play. 

We knew that Neuderm’s target audience was big on authentic and reliable personal care and beauty advice and that influencers could provide precisely that. Netbina’s influencer marketing team arranged the winning cooperation.

A comprehensive influencer strategy

To meet all the needs of Neuderm’s sunscreen launch campaign, our influencer marketing team divided the campaign’s influencer marketing strategy into different parts. 

We worked with a combination of Iranian beauty bloggers, lifestyle influencers, and health specialists. Each group communicated the product experience and emphasized the importance of sunlight protection for skin health in their own way, simultaneously informing and inspiring their audiences.

Working with a mega influencer was key in maximizing reach, but that was not all. In addition to increasing brand awareness for Neuderm, we wanted to create an environment where Neuderm’s potential customers could learn about the products’ advantages. Several beauty bloggers and health specialists discussed the need for sunlight protection and introduced Neuderm’s sunscreens and their various benefits.

“Neuderm’s new summer campaign makes you want to stop what you’re doing and put sunscreen on. And that’s thanks to the many Instagram influencers who talked to their audiences about sunlight protection and explained what Neuderm had to offer,” says Maryam Hashemi, Social Media Specialist and head of Netbina’s influencer marketing team,

“It’s always a little tricky to pick the combination that works best, but it is well worth the effort considering the key role influencers play in many campaigns. The results we got from Neuderm’s campaign show that the communication was very effective”.


Exceptional communication, incredible reach

By selecting a careful combination of influencers, we were able to communicate Neuderm’s message to a vast audience. A unique and deliberate influencer marketing strategy enabled us to establish Neuderm’s products as high-quality, dependable, and affordable solutions and to spotlight Neuderm in the personal care products market.

To find out more about Neuderm’s campaign, please contact our media relations office at media@netbina.com. Take a look at Netbina’s other campaigns here.

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