Galaxy S21 Hands-On: How did we make it matter?

Galaxy S21 Hands-On: How did we make it matter?

Upon every new release, Samsung requests its partners in countries all over the world to create a Hands-On video showcasing the new device’s key features in action. For the new Galaxy S21 series released in early 2021, Samsung asked Netbina to produce a Hands-On video focusing on the smartphone camera’s distinctive properties.

Netbina had previously produced four Hands-On videos for Samsung, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra video being the fifth, and two more on the way. We began our work to put a powerful hands-on experience on display.

Keeping it Real

“We know that with any Hands-On video, credibility is key. We are testing the product for the audience under real conditions. It would be a shame if the consumer buys the product and then realizes they haven’t got their money’s worth because they were expecting the product to be different, and it’s definitely not what we want”, says Shahrzad Taleghani, Samsung Account Manager at Netbina, “With each product, we do know that there are plenty of features that users would love and find useful, and our job is to highlight those and show how they work.”

On our quest for presenting an authentic camera experience using the Galaxy S21 Ultra, we decided to get professional help. We asked Gelareh Kiazand, a well-known professional photographer and cinematographer, to try out the product for us.

The Layout

Our production team designed and set up a car race track with remote control cars and adjustable lighting elements. The layout was designed in a way that allowed Gelareh to test the camera’s many features, including Single Take, Super Steady, Super Slow-Mo, Night Mode and Zoom Lock, under different settings.

“Everything is in constant motion in the video. The cars are racing about, and Gelareh is moving around and shooting them from different angles and in different modes, making for a dynamic and engaging viewing experience. She comments on the features as she tests them, and Kiavash Abtahi, Mobile Tech Manager at Samsung Iran, provides further information on the device and its capabilities”, explains Shahrzad Taleghani, Account Manager at Netbina.

The unique set-up allowed us to bring the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s features to the spotlight and provide Samsung’s fans with a true hands-on experience. Gelareh showed the audience how the different lenses and features worked, and shared her honest opinion, which helped engage the audience on a deeper level.

The Vision Fulfilled

“Overall, today was a really intriguing experience. I don’t think phones can ever replace cameras, but this smartphone is giving us features, possibilities with which we can practice, explore, and capture moments that won’t be repeated, using pro-grade options. That’s what I really liked about it.”

Gelareh Kiazand, Cinematographer

Netbina’s activation team planned and executed the video’s promotion via different platforms, including Instagram, YouTube and Aparat, a popular local streaming website. The promotion on YouTube and Aparat helped attract the technically savvy enthusiasts and users, and the video on Instagram gave Samsung’s general audience a view on the newly released flagship device.

We received great feedback from both Samsung, and Samsung’s Iranian audience on our fifth Hands-On video, and in doing so, were able to keep up with and perhaps even exceed the expectations of Samsung’s Hands-On series, a global brand project.

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