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Samsung adds to autumn excitement with Instagram’s brand new “Add Yours”

This November, Instagram rolled out its latest feature: The “Add Yours” sticker. We seized the opportunity to engage Samsung’s Iranian audience with a fresh, fun, and simple challenge: To share whatever photos they’ve got of the season using a special Samsung Fall sticker. Almost 10,000 users joined in!

New social media features are the perfect chance to bring freshness to your brand’s social media presence – to show that you’re on top of your game. That’s how we came up with the idea for Samsung’s November “Add Yours” sticker challenge.

With new Instagram features, users can express themselves and share their everyday moments in whole new ways. The interactive “Add Yours” sticker enables users to create a public thread and a content chain related to a specific topic. By tapping into the potential of this novel mode of expression and collaboration, we were able to inspire Samsung’s audience.

“Keeping up with the latest features and updates is key in building a strong social media presence. We try to leverage the best tools for our communication strategies.”, says Marzieh Manteghi, Activation Planner at Netbina, “When it comes to new features on Instagram or other social platforms, we’re always thinking of creative ways to make them work for our clients.”

Each user could add their own story, and prompt their own friends and followers to join them by adding their own story via the sticker. In the end, thousands of users had shared stunning pictures taken with their phones, and we had thoroughly enjoyed receiving so much autumn goodness.

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