Ride with an astronaut

Integrating an offline and digital experience

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Everyday millions of Iranians use the metro. Many pay more attention to their mobile devices rather than their surroundings. Was there a way we could get them to pay more attention to Samsung Mobile ads in the metro? The answer was through the very same mobile devices which were detracting attention away from us.

We ran a teasing social media campaign and asked our audience what their reaction would be to bump into an astronaut? We received incredible engagement and our content went viral resulting in millions of video views.

In the second phase of the campaign we asked our audience to spot our astronaut in the metro stations, take a picture and share it online with our hashtag. This is where the campaign really came to life and users were now paying special attention to the ads in all the metro stations.

The campaign captured the audience imagination in the first phase and brought it to life in the second.