MasiReno Digital Campaign

As one of the leading Automobile companies in Iran, Renault wanted to change the public’s driving habits and reduce stress and violent behaviour on the roads.

Heavy traffic in Tehran has lead to stressful public behavior during rush hour and Renault wanted to show people that they can actually enjoy their time in traffic.

In Order to reach their goal, we created “Masir Noe” or “New Route” campaign, to invite the public to change their driving habits without giving them lectures or being pushy. We wanted the public to do this with us and we wanted to be on their side along the way. The goal was to do something different together.

Using various digital tools and working with a famous Iranian actor and TV presenter, Ashkan Khatibi as the campaign ambassador and a number of Instagram influencers to promote the campaign on their instagram pages, we carried the campaign in 3 phases to reach our goal.


Campaign # was shared

2500 times

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Conversation about campaign

30K +

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