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How Nescafe Ice became the ultimate Summer Celebrity

In June 2021, Nescafe Ice was entering the Iranian market for the first time. Nescafe asked us to design and run a product launch campaign introducing the newcomer to Nescafe fans.

The product was coming just in time for summer, and Netbina’s creative team mapped out a chilly, delicious campaign making Nescafe’s audience ready for the ride. Nescafe Ice would be a welcome addition to fans’ pantry, but it would also prove to be much more than an icy summer drink.


More than a product

“Nescafe is a brand that emphasizes human connection in its communication. A cup of Nescafe can bring us closer together. And so, for Nescafe Ice, the idea was to go beyond the simple functional benefit of the product”, explains Anahita Mehrdoust, Creative Executive at Netbina who was actively involved in the campaign.

To fully leverage the product’s potential, the creative team decided on an emotional campaign highlighting its benefits not only as a practical alternative to hot Nescafe in summer but also, as a reason to enjoy summertime more together.


The digital campaign started on June 16 on Nescafe Iran’s Instagram, where thousands of fans come together to celebrate coffee and the tasty combos Nescafe offers them.

For the new campaign, Nescafe adopted an emotional tone for maximum impact, as fans love both the taste of Nescafe and the togetherness that it brings them. Anahita adds:

“After the initial introduction, we kept the audience engaged by focusing on the emotional benefit that the product can bring them. The strong visuals and sounds helped the audience resonate with the context, and provided a memorable emotional experience.”


The instant summer celebrity

Thousands of Iranians welcomed the new Nescafe Ice Classic on Instagram, where Netbina ran the product launch campaign for Nescafe Iran. 

“Something new is on its way”, read the caption for the teaser motion, posted on June 16, “Something that will help us enjoy summer more”. The post provided a hint towards the new product with icy visual elements and chill-out background music. The audience was excited for the big reveal.
The following posts introduced Nescafe Ice, offered how-to’s, and tapped into the product’s emotive potential.

Ultimately, the launch campaign managed to build well-deserved hype around a product that was going to make summertime just a touch more pleasant.

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