How Samsung’s hopeful new year message hit the right note

Samsung Iran keeps its Iranian audience company on their most important celebrations. Last year, for the Iranian new year, Samsung asked Netbina to create a video around the concept of hope featuring Baran Nikrah, a beloved public figure and narrator.

We got to work to find hope in Nowruz and to weave it into a story with Baran; a story that could engage Samsung’s Iranian audience and inspire hope in their hearts.


Crafting the message

What we set out to do was find an element of hope and possibility in the story of Nowruz consistent with Baran’s personality as a KOL. We were to find mutuality between Baran and Samsung’s hopeful new year concept and craft a message that would reflect this hope. And so, our goal was to create a coherent whole, credible and appealing to Samsung’s Iranian audience.

Our creative team at Netbina managed to find the missing piece in a story about ancient Iran, rooted in the well-known and valued Shahnameh. Baran narrated the story, and the well-selected and coordinated visuals helped move the story forward. It was a story in which hope would triumph over despair, and light over darkness.

“The story is engaging on an emotional level, making it hard to stop watching once you’re a few seconds in”, says Marzieh Manteghi, activation planner at Netbina, “During the video, Baran is narrating a story about Nowruz, a story of hope versus doubt and uncertainty. The visuals reflect these feelings, creating a singular effect. Baran Nikrah is a well-liked personality, and a great narrator. Hope is what our audience is looking for right now, and it is what we all need most right now.”


“Watched it till the very end”

“It’s not very often that I watch an ad video to the very end. This one really struck a chord. I loved the idea, and I enjoyed listening to Baran’s voice”, wrote one follower in the comment section of the video, which was viewed over 600 thousand times, and received phenomenal feedback from viewers.

The video was roughly two and a half minutes long, and showed Baran and a boy preparing for the new year, discussing a story about Nowruz centered around the concept of hope.

An important part of creating any social media content is making sure it will engage the audience enough for them to stop scrolling through their feed and pause to view the content. Samsung’s new year video was a successful example of this principle in practice.

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