Samsung RT7000A fridge designed for freshness
The Samsung RT7000 was a premium, high tech fridge, designed to keep groceries super fresh. Freshness is a claim made by most fridge brands. We needed to somehow emphasize this in a memorable and differentiated way.

To do this, we created a user and content driven campaign around the concept of ‘تازگیا’ which infers freshness and also ‘the new’.

To support the campaign and differentiate our messaging from competitors, we opted not to use the classic video or photo formats, but instead to opt for stop motion animations, which are more emotive.

So we created characters out of the groceries in the fridge and painstakingly (although it was a lot of fun) created stop motion animation stories highlighting the standout features of the fridge.

The content, campaign and promotional animations led to a high reach KPI in the desired market segment and made this an unorthodox, but very successful campaign for a new fridge.