New Journey: Renault’s virtual trip around Iran

“New Journey”: Renault’s virtual trip around Iran

Renault Iran’s Instagram page is followed by tens of thousands of fervent fans who like to inform themselves on the latest developments from Groupe Renault. However, in the early months of 2021, as the page had rather little activity, we noticed a follower drop on Renault Iran’s Instagram page and sought an innovative solution. Our creative team devised a strategy and we put forward a proposal for a compact and cost-effective campaign.

“New Journey” (or Safar-e No as it is called in Persian, which includes a play on words with the name Renault), would take Renault’s audience on a trip to landmarks around Iran for the Iranian new year holidays. Renault was on board.

The Roadmap

Netbina’s creative team had designed a campaign that would fit in perfectly with Renault’s mobility concept and the Covid situation. Reza Yazdani, a creative executive at Netbina, explains the campaign’s core idea:

“Renault’s story is all about mobility, and Nowruz is all about traveling for Iranians. But we couldn’t really work with either one of those concepts because of Covid. So, we had to come up with something new. We had to rethink the concept of travel and create a way to connect Renault and its audience – to communicate Renault’s message in spite of the current situation. Our audience goes on a road trip with the Renault 5, with which they have a deep emotional connection from many childhood memories, making for an authentic experience.”

The campaign officially began on March 16, the Iranian Fire Festival that comes just a few days before Nowruz. In an Instagram post discussing the historical roots of the celebration, we prepared our audience for the trip ahead. The post included a Renault 5 parked near a campfire, with a roadmap spread out on the car. We had previously teased the upcoming campaign using Instagram stories.

Over the course of the next three weeks, we traveled to different landmarks located in six different cities in the country, including Kish and Shiraz, but also lesser-known places like Shushtar in the province of Khuzestan. We shared information and asked questions, and this piqued our audience’s interest in the virtual trip.

They weren’t the ones on the road, but seeing the Renault 5 in places they had visited or were planning to visit, evoked a sense of familiarity and delight. They could be part of the trip by sharing and exchanging memories, and participating in the contests, including a UGC contest where they would send us pictures from their previous travel destinations and we would re-share them as stories.

A Rewarding Journey

By the time we had reached our last stop, Mount Damavand, we had seen a massive boost in engagement and follower growth. We had managed to achieve a 1.6K+ follower growth, and maintain an average 9% engagement rate for our content on Renault Iran’s Instagram page in just 3 weeks. We received great feedback from our audience, who eagerly sent us photos from their own trips to enliven our virtual journey.

Maintaining a strong presence on social media is essential for brands striving for excellence, and New Journey managed to bring Renault’s Instagram presence back to life. It was an example of a low-cost yet highly effective digital campaign, which worked because of its original creative concept and careful execution.

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