PMLM rebranding

PMLM rebranding

Netbina was tasked with formulating a creative strategy to rebrand PMLM, a multi level marketing company.

The brief was clear and PMLM needed to change their brand image and brand identity to give it a fresh and modern look and to have a solid creative guideline that would serve as a basis in all their marketing activities. Their main goal was to have their brand image aligned with their corporate values.

Brand Archetype

As the initial part of the rebranding journey , a thorough research was conducted by Netbina to gain more insight on the brand’s position in the market to develop the brand persona. Based on the data gathered and by considering the brand’s needs and values, the brand archetype and persona was born, as well as the dos and don’ts of PMLM’s tone of voice. The brand archetype developed for PMLM was a hero. Heros inspire others to believe in themselves as much as the hero believes in them. They inspire, motivate, and cheerlead their customers to do more, be more, and have more.

Visual Identity

Synchronized with the brand persona, Netbina designed a package including various elements of PMLM’s corporate identity such as a logo, brand pattern, color palette, font guideline and branding production guide. The main values of PMLM are authenticity, group work and wealth and Netbina took these values into consideration to come up with relevant and aligned solutions.

PMLM offices

The last part of the project was designing the office stationery and the interiors of PMLM offices. Playing on the color purple, the primary color selected from the brand color pallet and the pattern design extracted from the logo design, Netbina created the designs for the PMLM office stationery, office furniture and their production materials. The same design would be also used for the company’s vehicle branding. Netbina crafted 3D designs of the PMLM office furniture and decoration to give the work space a complete makeover.


This was indeed a challenging and exciting project for Netbina. Understanding a brand’s essence and character is a time consuming process and as PMLM branding partner it was our responsibility to crack the brand’s true identity step by step and build all designs around it accordingly.

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