blu Bank Logo set up in the Karman house garden for the press event

A Unique Press Event for 'blu Bank'

‘blu Bank’, Iran’s first neobank, asked Netbina to organize its very first press conference in line with its brand identity. With the brand slogan “Bank, but Lovely”, blu Bank wanted to offer a distinct experience to the press invited to the event.

The location and design of the venue, as well as the organization of the event, would play key roles in creating a clear and coherent brand image. We went for modern and minimal, and found the perfect venue to hold a memorable press event.

The perfect business venue in Lavasan

The Karman house in Lavasan, just outside the city of Tehran, was the ideal location for blu Bank. We went through numerous options before we found one with a bold, minimalistic, and professional design, which reflected the spirit of the brand.

As a modern neobank, blu Bank has established a relationship with its clients which is entirely different from traditional banks. And it wanted the difference to be manifest in its communication with the press as well.

Press conference, but lovely! 

During the press event, blu Bank presented its achievements, objectives, and strategies, and answered questions regarding the brand’s services. With blu Bank’s outlook in mind, our team designed presentations and videos providing a faithful picture of the brand.

We went for something beyond a monotonous Q&A. Guests were encouraged to explore and discover in accordance with the brand’s archetype, the Explorer, and the coordination of the event also reflected this quality.

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