be you

Be you

Be youWhat does it mean to be yourself?
The Samsung Galaxy A series is all about the free spirited individual. The non-conformist young spirit who is finding his or her own way in the world. During this journey of self-discovery we decided to take a snapshot of this young audience and ask “what does it mean to be you?”

Be youThey rose up to the challenge posting hundreds of videos weekly, showing the world when, where and how they felt like their real selves.

To boost awareness and engagement even further, 3 celebrities joined in. Omid Nemati, the lead singer of the contemporary Iranian band Pallett, Iranian director and writer Sajad Afsharian and singer/musician Sina Hejazi.

Be youInstagram influencers further helped to promote the campaign. This was not only great promotion for the A series, but it also promoted the young consumer base, giving them a collective voice on social media around the theme of identity.