300 Years Young

300 Years Young!

Hailing from Lieshout, Bavaria is the second largest brewery in the Netherlands, and one of the largest malt producers in Europe. The Swinkles family started the malt beverage company more than 300 years ago and it has grown to become a global brand.

In order for us to showcase the history behind Bavaria’s non-alcoholic beer recipe and its appeal among young people, as their main target customers, we created the creative concept of “300 Years Young”. The slogan artfully captures the essence of authenticity, combined with adjustability to the young generation’s taste and trends.

It leverages contrast to juxtapose the brand’s three centuries of experience in the malt beverage industry with its youthful mentality to remain an appealing beverage among new generations. As part of this creative concept, we ran the #Javoonim campaign, which partially contains the word for malt in Persian in the hashtag, yet reads “we are young”.

The campaign managed to successfully merge Bavaria’s long history with the youth audience it was reaching out to in Iran.

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