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Netbina digital marketing agency

Digital marketing agency

A creative agency in Iran with an international outlook

Netbina is an Iranian digital agency, founded in Tehran by Persicom UK in 2006. As one of the first Iranian companies to delve into the digital market, our portfolio is long and extends across all industries. Clients consist of innovative companies, such as Samsung and Renault.

Netbina is best known for its creativity and media savvy. The team has been trusted by international brands to execute hundreds of engaging campaigns. Netbina has the biggest digital client accounts in Iran for social media, PPC and display.

Innovation lies at the heart of our philosophy. We set ourselves the goal of delivering innovative output from all of our departments, not just the creative team. Our tech division has developed cutting edge in-house Iran-specific platforms for display banners, social media reporting, influencer marketing, media monitoring and business intelligence.

Netbina’s mother company Persicom in London, keeps the team trained on the latest digital and marketing innovations and injects its global expertise to ensure campaigns are in touch with modern sensibilities.