Traffic! So what?

Traffic! So what?

Traffic! So what?Being stuck in traffic has become a daily reality for most of us.
Even though it would be great if it could go away, we have to learn to live with it while it’s still here.

We would love to cherish each moment in life. But why do we find it so hard to do so when we are stuck in traffic? We challenged Iranian car drivers and passengers to find ways of enjoying themselves in their vehicles rather than stressing themselves and others!

Traffic! So what?The MasiReno campaign #مسیرنو was a play on words. It includes the name of the brand ‘Renault’ in Persian and it also means ‘New way’. We engaged a young and active celebrity who has shown his commitment to this issue, the Iranian musician Ashkan Khatibi. With his help we galvanized a movement to find a ‘new way’ on the roads.

We partnered with podcasts, and engaged our audience with recommendations and their own suggestions for enjoying our time while stuck in a vehicle. The user campaigns resulted in the birth of the popular hashtag #لبخنددرترافیک (Smile in traffic!).

The user and media response was tremendous with millions of views of campaign related photos and videos. This campaign was in line with Renault’s philosophy of ‘passion for life’ and it challenged our audience to experience daily traffic differently.