Green Galaxy

How a mobile phone helped to raise awareness of the ancient Iranian Hyrcanian forest.

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When the Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched, we ran campaigns on the smartphone’s standout and value added features for Iranian consumers. But then along came a new challenge. How can we galvanize Samsung mobile consumers not to just add value to themselves but also to those around them?

Within a month, we designed a website allowing users to use their mobile phones to sponsor the planting of a new tree adjacent to an ancient forest in the Caspian region. Mobile technology and GPS allowed us to name the tree after them, and its specific location was also communicated to our audience.

Social media drove the core consumer base to quickly take up the challenge of registering their names and those of their friends. Soon we were planting thousands of new trees per week. We beat our target of 30k trees and over 120k trees were planted. But the real treat was the raised awareness via social and traditional media of an ancient forest whose significance many had not previously recognised.

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Green Galaxy